Communication plays a role in determining the success of business. The employees will be able to pass information with ease and within the shortest time possible.  It is recommended that the business owners should have effective communication systems.  Telephone system is the best communication system for businesses because of its effectiveness, and it also reduces the movement of staff within the business premise.  A good telephone system will also allow communication between the business owner and its customers and creditors.  There are a variety of telephones systems that can be used by businesses.  Here are the different types of telephones systems available in the market and their features.

Cisco Telephone System operates by connecting the main business line with the telephone of different workers.  Virtual telephone systems operate with the principle of call-forwarding by directing the phone calls from the business line to the respective phone numbers. There are several other features that the system incorporates such as automated receptionists, voicemail, and call screening.  Most business that has its employees based in locations away from the business prefer this type of telephone system.  Therefore, incoming phones calls to the business line can be directed to the employees who are not available in the business premise at the moment.

Traditional landline systems are usually provided by the existing phone companies.  The system is also known as public switched telephone networks and uses the companies copper wiring.  The operation of the landline telephone system can only be achieved by the installation of a private branch exchange (PBX).  The purpose of the hardware is to enable phone extensions and facilitate other functions such as call directories and call transferring. The system is recommended for large businesses that have the financial capabilities to pay the IT experts and maintain the system.  In case your business is located in a region of low internet speed should use the landline system.

Grandstream Phones system uses the same principle as the landlines.  The system employs the use of company wireless networks instead of the copper wiring as in the case of landlines. The systems has several features such as automated attendants and call queues.  The system can also be integrated with computers to enable other features such as internet voicemail.  The workers can also access the business line using their individual phone numbers. The systems is cheaper as compared to landline and the process of installation is also simple.

On-Premises VolP telephone systems is installed with the business and requires a private PBX hardware so that phone system can run.  Purchasing a PBX hardware is always expensive and therefore is not preferred my many businesses. The advantage of the systems is that it give you full control of the service. Therefore, you will have to hire IT experts to ensure that it is running and configured to meet your needs.


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